• University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Health Incentives and Behavioral Economics (CHIBE)

    University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Health Incentives and Behavioral Economics (CHIBE)

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  • Boston University – Department of Global Health

    Boston University – Department of Global Health


    The Department for Global Health (DGH) at Boston University is a multidisciplinary research center that engages faculty from across the University to help solve the critical global health and social development challenges of our time. The mission of the center is not only to conduct high-quality applied research, but also to advocate for the use

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  • University of the Witwatersrand

    University of the Witwatersrand


    Wits, a world-class research university in Africa, is renowned for its commitment to academic and research excellence. It contributes to the global knowledge economy and local transformation through the generation of high level, scarce skills and innovative research. At the forefront of a changing society, Wits is an engaged institution, dedicated to advancing the public

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  • National Department of Health

    National Department of Health


    The Mission of South Africa’s National Department of Health is to improve health status through the prevention of illnesses and the promotion of healthy lifestyles and to consistently improve the healthcare delivery system by focusing on access, equity, efficiency, quality and sustainability.

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  • Clinical HIV Research Unit

    Clinical HIV Research Unit


    The Clinical HIV Research Unit (CHRU) was initiated in 1998 by Professor Ian Sanne, under the auspices of the University of the Witwatersrand (WITS). Today the CHRU is an HIV/AIDS, TB and Cervical Cancer research syndicate of the Wits Health Consortium (Pty) Limited (WHC), which is a wholly-owned subsidiary company of WITS.

    The CHRU is

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  • Right to Care

    Right to Care


    Right to Care is a non-profit organisation that supports and delivers prevention, care and treatment services for HIV and associated diseases. Right to Care provides technical assistance to all levels of the South African Department of Health. It also supports clinical programmes through development of best practices, research, training, mentoring, participation in technical committees, provision of

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  • Centre for Economic Governance and AIDS in Africa

    Centre for Economic Governance and AIDS in Africa


    The Centre for Economic Governance and AIDS in Africa (CEGAA) was founded in 2006 as a regional civil society organisation focused on attaining effective, rights-based and developmental health financing in Africa to enable a comprehensive response to HIV/AIDS. CEGAA provides training, capacity-building, research and advocacy services to and through community structures, government stakeholders and

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  • National Health Laboratory Service

    National Health Laboratory Service


    The National Health Laboratory Service (NHLS) is the largest diagnostic pathology service in South Africa with the responsibility of supporting the national and provincial health departments in the delivery of healthcare. The NHLS provides laboratory and related public health services to over 80% of the population through a national network of laboratories. Its specialised divisions

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  • Anova Health Institute

    Anova Health Institute


    The Anova Health Institute is committed to improving the quality of public health services, with a special focus on HIV. Anova is a leading partner in capacity building and the provision of technical support to the Department of Health, with a reputation for innovative responses and ground-breaking research in HIV.

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  • International Epidemiologic Databases to Evaluate AIDS

    International Epidemiologic Databases to Evaluate AIDS


    The IeDEA network is an international research consortium established in 2005 by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) to provide a rich resource for globally diverse HIV/AIDS data. Sites in various regions throughout the world collaborate to collect and define key variables, and implement methodology to effectively analyze data as a cost-effective

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  • Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

    Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine


    Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) was the first institution in the world dedicated to research and teaching in the field of tropical medicine and continues to be a leading international institution in the fight against infectious, debilitating and disabling diseases. LSTM is a registered charity and works in over 60 countries worldwide, often in

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    The UNAIDS strategy aims to advance global progress in achieving country set targets for universal access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support and to halt and reverse the spread of HIV and contribute to the achievement of the Millennium Development goals by 2015.

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