Contraceptive use among Women in Accra, Ghana: 2003 and 2008

By Kelly Blanchard  Hialy R. Gutierrez  Naomi Lince-Deroche  Richard M. K. Adanu  Allan G. Hill  |  | 

Despite a relatively low fertility rate, maternal mortality in Ghana still remains high. According to the Ghana Demographic and Health Surveys, about 22% of Ghanaian women of reproductive age currently use contraception. We analyzed contraceptive use among a representative sample of women in Accra, Ghana, to better understand contraceptive use patterns. We used data from two cross-sectional surveys of a representative cohort of women in Accra. In 2003, 28.9% of sexually active women used a contraceptive method. In 2008, 31.5% of sexually active women used a contraceptive method. Additionally, we observed high rates of discontinuation—from 64.1% among those using longer-acting methods to 82.1% among those using traditional methods—between years. Further research on women’s contraceptive decision-making is needed to explain these patterns and to ensure that family planning interventions meet the needs of women in Ghana.

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Afr. J Reprod Health