Early treatment of acute hepatitis C infection is cost-effective in HIV-infected men-whohave- sex-with-men

By Stephanie Popping, Sebastiaan J. Hullegie, Anne Boerekamps, Bart J. A. Rijnders, Robert J. de Knegt, Ju¨ rgen K. Rockstroh, Annelies Verbon, Charles A. B. Boucher  Brooke Nichols  David A. M. C. van de Vijver  |  | 

Treatment of hepatitis C virus infections (HCV) with direct acting antivirals (DAA) can prevent new infections since cured individuals cannot transmit HCV. However, as DAAs are expensive, many countries defer treatment to advances stages of fibrosis, which results in ongoing transmission. We assessed the epidemiological impact and cost-effectiveness oftreatment initiation in different stages of infection in the Netherlands where the epidemic ismainly concentrated among HIV-infected MSMs.

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