Effectiveness of interventions for unstable patients on antiretroviral therapy in South Africa: results of a cluster-randomised evaluation

By  Matthew Fox  Sophie Pascoe  Amy Huber  Joshua Murphy  Sydney Rosen  |  | 

As loss from HIV care is an ongoing challenge globally, interventions are needed for patients who don’t achieve or maintain ART stability. The 2015 South African National Adherence Guidelines (AGL) for Chronic Diseases include two interventions targeted at unstable patients: early tracing of patients who miss visits (TRIC) and enhanced adherence counselling (EAC). methods As part of a cluster-randomised evaluation at 12 intervention and 12 control clinics in four provinces, intervention sites implemented the AGL interventions, while control sites retained standard care. We report on outcomes of EAC for patients with an elevated viral load (>400 copies/ml) and for TRIC patients who missed a visit by >5 days. We estimated risk differences (RD) of 3 and 12-month viral resuppression (<400 copies/ml) and 12-month retention with cluster adjustment using generalised estimating equations and controlled for imbalances using difference-in-differencescompared to all eligible in 2015, prior to intervention roll-out.

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Tropical Medicine and International Health