Impact of the test and treat policy on delays in antiretroviral therapy initiation among adult HIV positive patients from six clinics in Johannesburg, South Africa: results from a prospective cohort study

By  Dr Dorina Onoya  Tembeka Sineke  Cheryl Hendrickson  Idah Mokhele  Dr Mhairi Maskew  Lawrence Long  Matthew Fox  |  | 

To assess delays to antiretroviral therapy
(ART) initiation before and after the Universal Test and Treat (UTT) and the same-day initiation (SDI) of ART policy periods in Johannesburg, South Africa. Design Prospective cohort study. Setting Patients were recruited from six primary health clinics in Johannesburg. Participants Overall, 1029 newly diagnosed HIV positive adults (≥18 years) were consecutively enrolled by referral from the testing counsellor between April and December 2015 (pre-UTT
n=146), July and August 2017 (UTT, n=141) and October 2017 and August 2018 (SDI, n=742).

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BMJ Open