The per-patient costs of HIV services in South Africa: Systematic review and application in the South African HIV Investment Case

By  Dr Gesine Meyer-Rath  Craig van Rensburg  Calvin Chiu, Rahma Leuner  Lise Jamieson  Steven Cohen  |  | 

The paper details the results of the first-ever systematic review of the average (or unit) costs of HIV interventions in South Africa, performed in 2018. We originally did this for the South African HIV Investment Case but have updated to more recent prices (2016/17) and added more interventions since then. It includes recent costs for ART, PMTCT, HCT, MMC, and PrEP, amongst others, together with a table detailling all our findings from the literature review (file S3, attached) and very detailled information on how these costs were derived , in a format that allows future users to easily update them (S4). The paper finishes with a critique of methods currently used in adjusting the results of cost analysis over time and between countries.