Craig van Rensburg [Researcher - Health Economics]

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Craig van Rensburg

Craig van Rensburg joined HE2RO in February 2015 as a Researcher. Craig holds a Masters in Economics, with a focus on Cost Benefit Analysis, and Health Economics, including a study on the cost and cost-effectiveness of home based TB treatment at a peri-urban site in the Durban region. Prior to joining HE2RO, Craig spent three years as an economic consultant, with a focus on banking strategy, and access to finance, working on projects in several countries in Africa and the Middle East. He also  worked at a development consulting company, on a major project investigating the health seeking behaviour, of a population sub-set in Durban. Currently Craig is working on costing the management of breast conditions, he is also involved in the South African HIV/TB Investment case, and is evaluating the cost effectiveness of a standardised treatment regimen of anti-tuberculosis drugs for patients with MDR-TB.