Analysis of National Lab Database to evaluate the HIV treatment rollout in South Africa

By linking lab tests on detailed patient identifiers, a national, patient-level longitudinal cohort is being developed, which contains over 3 million ART initiators and over 23 million observations. This “NHLS Patient Cohort” will enable us to evaluate the national ART program using data that are nationally representative and robust to self-transfer across care settings. Through a partnership between Wits University in South Africa and Boston University in the U.S., this project will address each of the following specific aims, using the NHLS Patient Cohort:

  1. Quantify the effect of the national HIV testing campaign on uptake of HIV care and treatment
  2. Estimate national retention rates in pre-ART care and post-ART initiation
  3. Establish long run treatment outcomes for a national patient cohort
  4. Estimate the effects of immediate vs. deferred ART eligibility on retention and clinical outcomes

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HE2RO staff involved

Dr Mhairi Maskew   Dr. William Macleod   Cheryl Hendrickson   Cornelius Nattey   Dr. Lise Jamieson   Ross Greener  

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