Attrition from HIV Care and Treatment Before and After an Increase in the CD4 Count Eligibility Threshold

South Africa has recently announced that as of January 2015, it will be increasing its HIV treatment CD4 eligibility threshold from 350 cells/μl to 500 cells/μl1 making more patients eligible for treatment than ever before. However efforts to increase HIV treatment coverage may be minimized if losses to follow up, which have been shown to be high along the continuum of HIV care, offset gains from getting more people onto treatment. HE2RO will conduct a prospective cohort study of adult individuals who newly enroll in HIV care to measure rates of loss to follow up before and after the eligibility threshold is raised and to explore predictors of attrition (death or loss to follow up) and retention (the opposite of attrition) at the different stages of the treatment cascade both before and after the implementation of the new treatment threshold in order to assess the impact of the policy change.

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Dr. Lawrence Long   Dr. Matthew Fox   Dr Dorina Onoya   Dr Mhairi Maskew   Cheryl Hendrickson   Constance Mongwenyana  

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