Rates and predictors of ART refusal under the universal-test-and-treat (UTT) policy in South Africa

Although almost four of seven million persons living with HIV on antiretroviral therapy (ART), an additional 2.5 million individuals must be initiated on ART to reach the target of initiating 90% of diagnosed HIV positive patients on ART by 2020. However, an estimated 20% of South African patients eligible under CD4<200 eligibility threshold were likely to refuse ART. With the removal of CD4 eligibility thresholds in 2016, it is unclear whether the demand for ART has improved and understanding correlates of HIV treatment readiness and ART acceptability among high CD4 patients is limited. This study aims to accomplish the following: 1. To estimate the rate of ART refusals up to six months after HIV diagnosis among adults diagnosed with HIV under the UTT policy in the Gauteng province, South Africa. 2. To describe patient-level correlates of readiness to initiate ART among newly diagnosed HIV positive patients with high baseline CD4 count (>350 cells/µl) in the Gauteng province, South Africa

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Dr Dorina Onoya   Idah Mokhele   Tembeka Sineke   Julia Mogwasi   Nokukhanya Mhlanga  

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