RapIT-NCD: Prevalence of NCD risks and conditions in patients on ART

South Africa, like many other middle income countries, faces very high rates of NCDs and NCD risks but there are virtually no studies looking at NDCs in ART patients and none that have considered the effect of NCDs and NCD risk factors on long term retention on ART. RapIT-NCD is estimating the prevalence of NCDs and NCD risk factors in patients who are stable on ART and examining associations between NCDs and ART outcomes, including mortality, loss to follow up, viral suppression and immunologic improvement, and physical functioning, ability to perform normal daily activities, and economic productivity.

RapIT-NCD is being conducted at Thuthukani Primary Health Clinic in Midrand, Gauteng Province. Enrollment began in April 2014 and is expected to continue until mid 2015.

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HE2RO staff involved

Professor Sydney Rosen   Dr Mhairi Maskew   Given Malete  

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