Contraceptive Service Delivery

South Africa recently launched new guidelines for contraceptive provision and approved the contraceptive implant for use in the country. The new guidelines provide targets for shifting the contraceptive method mix and increasing contraceptive prevalence over time. Integrated primary health care requires that patients are able to access all primary health services, including contraceptive services, at one facility. Dedicated HIV facilities have not historically offered these services, but there are a number of potential patient health and public health benefits to offering these services in these settings.

HE2RO is currently evaluating the acceptability and feasibility of different contraceptive service delivery options through data collection with women and health care providers in public sector facilities in South Africa. This includes collecting data on the costs of contraceptive service delivery in public facilities and development of a cost model to aid budgeting for contraceptive service delivery over time.

Principal Investigator/ Program Director Naomi Lince-Deroche
Start dateOctober 2013
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Naomi Lince-Deroche   Cheryl Hendrickson  

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