Establishing a Package of SRH Services for HIV-Positive and Negative Women

South Africa has extensive guidelines and policies regarding the provision of sexual and reproductive (SRH) services; however, there are limited, if any, resources available which provide guidance on the current costs of service provision and the potential costs given new policy goals for increasing access. HE2RO staff are engaging policymakers at the national and provision level to establish a clearer understanding of SRH funding in the country and goals for shifting and/or scaling up access. In addition, we have ongoing research which aims to document HIV-positive and -negative women’s access and/or challenges to accessing SRH services. Finally, we are exploring the potential for an integrated cost model which would aid planning and budgeting for SRH service delivery in the country.

Principal Investigator/ Program Director Naomi Lince-Deroche
Start dateJuly 2014
End date

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HE2RO staff involved

Naomi Lince-Deroche  

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