Novel Electronic Technology to Assess Operational Efficiency of HIV Clinics In Johannesburg

By  Dr. Denise Evans  Nozipho Musakwa  Dr. Lawrence Long  Darlington Shingirirai Mapiye  M Magadla  S Makhanya  T Kurien  Maletsabisa Molapo  |  | 

Measuring the impact of an intervention or technology on clinical tasks often involves performing a time and motion study. While some studies rely on passive observation and specific activities are timed, others ask staff to keep a log file to estimate the time spent on a specific activity (Kranzer et al, 2012), but both are subject to observer errors. HE²ROand IBM investigators worked together to develop non-invasive electronic devices or “wearable tags” to conduct a time and motion (TIM) study at healthcare facilities in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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