Cervical cancer and pap smear screening in HIV-positive women: Awareness, perceived risk, and practices

By  Idah Mokhele  Dr. Denise Evans  Kathryn Schnippel  Avril Swart, Jennifer S. Smith  |  | 

The Validation of Implementation of Cervical Cancer Screening Applications in HIV-Seropositive Women Study (VICAR 1) was conducted in 2009-2011 to compare three methods for detecting cervical cancer: standard Pap smear, visual inspection with acetic acid, and HPV detection.

VICAR 1’s main goal was to estimate sensitivity, specificity, and predictive values for each method. VICAR 1 participants, however, also answered an
interviewer-administered, structured questionnaire containing coded questions about their medical, social, and sexual history. We used these questionnaire data to analyze women’s awareness, perceived risk, and practices concerning cervical cancer and cervical cancer screening.

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