Colorectal Cancer (CRC) treatment and associated costs in the public sector compared to the private sector in Johannesburg, South Africa

By Candice-lee Herbst  Dr. Jacqui Miot  Shirra L. Moch and Paul Ruff  |  | 

Background: South Africa’s divided healthcare system is believed to be inequitable as the population serviced by
each sector and the treatment received differs while annual healthcare expenditure is similar. The appropriateness
of treatment received and in particular the cost of the same treatment between the sectors remains debatable and
raises concerns around equitable healthcare. Colorectal cancer places considerable pressure on the funders, yet
treatment utilization data and the associated costs of non-communicable diseases, in particular colorectal cancer,
are limited for South Africa. Resources need to be appropriately managed while ensuring equitable healthcare is
provided regardless of where the patient is able to receive their treatment. Therefore the aim of this study was to
determine the cost of colorectal cancer treatment in a privately insured patient population in order to compare the
costs and utilization to a previously published public sector patient cohort.


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BMC Health Services Research