Community-based delivery of HIV treatment in Zambia: costs and outcomes

By  Dr. Brooke Nichols  Refiloe Motaung  Dr. Lise Jamieson  Dr. Lawrence Long  Zumbe Siwale, Patrick Banda, Crispin Moyo  Professor Sydney Rosen  |  | 

The DSD models assessed cost more per patient/year than conventional care. Costs ranged from an annual $116 to $199 for the DSD models, compared with $100 for conventional care. CAGs and UAGs increased retention by 2 and 14%, respectively. All DSD models cost more per patient retained at 12 months than conventional care. The
CAG had the lowest cost/patient retained for DSD models ($140–157).
Conclusions: Although they achieve equal or improved retention in care, out-of-facility models of ART were more expensive than conventional care.

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