Policy Brief 5: Cost and outcomes of paediatric antiretroviral treatment in South Africa

By  Professor Gesine Meyer-Rath  Alana T. Brennan  Dr. Lawrence Long  Buyiswa Ndibongo  Karl Technau  Harry Moultrie  Lee Fairlie  Ashraf Coovadia  Professor Sydney Rosen  |  | 


In South Africa, as in many countries, access to paediatric antiretroviral treatment (ART) services for HIV/AIDS has lagged behind that of adult services. Reported coverage of the estimated 300 000 treatment-eligible South African children in 2010 was just 36%, compared with coverage of 55% of the approximately 2.5 million treatment-eligible adults. In response, South Africa’s National Strategic Plan for HIV/AIDS sets a target of initiating 90% of eligible children on ART and of ensuring that 85% of them remain on treatment by 2016. If this target is to be achieved, policy makers, treatment providers, and funding agencies will require information about current retention of paediatric ART patients in care and the costs of providing that care. While a small number of studies have examined paediatric outcomes in South Africa, no data are available on treatment costs. We therefore conducted a study to estimate and analyze the average cost of providing outpatient paediatric ART, stratified by patient outcome.

Policy brief 5–Cost and outcomes of paediatric ART, July 2013

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