Costs and cost-effectiveness of LEEP versus cryotherapy for treating cervical dysplasia among HIV-positive women in Johannesburg, South Africa

By  Naomi Lince-Deroche  Craig van Rensburg  Jaqueline Roseleur, Busola Sanusi, Jane Phiri, Pam Michelow, Jennifer S Smith, Cindy Firnhaber  |  | 

For this cost-effectiveness analysis, using an intention-to-treat approach and taking into consideration uncertainty in the clinical and cost outcomes, a strategy involving cryotherapy plus LEEP if needed at six months was dominant to LEEP plus LEEP again at six months if needed for retreatment. However, compared to other studies comparing LEEP and cryotherapy, the efficacy results were low in both treatment groups – possibly due to the HIV-positivity of the participants. Further research is needed, but at present choosing the “right” treatment option may be less important than ensuring access to treatment and providing careful monitoring of treatment outcomes.

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PLoS One