COVID-19 hospitalization during the first-wave in South Africa: Clinical characteristics and outcomes at a tertiary hospital in Johannesburg

By  Khumo Modiba  Kerensa Govender  Dr Ijeoma Edoka   Jeremy Nel  Dr. Jacqui Miot  |  | 
  • The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted vulnerabilities in the global health-system and its capacity to respond timeously to health-crisis
  • South Africa was not an exception, with growing concerns over limited bed capacity in the hospitals to accommodate the rapidly rising case numbers at the start of the pandemicĀ¹
  • To better prepare health-systems for future pandemics, cost projection models are required to inform budgets and efficient resource-allocationĀ²
  • A key aspect of cost projection models is understanding clinical characteristics of patients and the cost implications involved in the management of severe and critical cases of the SARS-Cov2 virusĀ³

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