Dietary Diversity Among HIV-exposed and Uninfected Compared to HIV-unexposed and Uninfected Children Aged 32-59 Months in Gauteng, South Africa

By  Idah Mokhele  Nozipho Musakwa  Pamela Munjoma  Dr Dorina Onoya  |  | 
  • The principles of infant and young child nutrition apply to all children, despite their HIV status.
  • From the age of 6 months, breastfeeding is no longer able to meet all of the nutritional requirements of a developing child
  • The nutritional status of children is influenced chiefly by caregivers
  • Caregivers need to be able to provide adequate (in quantity and diversity) and frequent feedings
  • 45% of children (8.9 million) were poor in 2018, and 33% (6.4 million) were below the food poverty line, meaning that they were likely not getting enough nutrition
  • Little is known about the feeding practices and nutritional status of HIV-exposed uninfected (HEU) compared to HIV-unexposed and uninfected (HUU) children.

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