DSD is associated with better outcomes for established clients in the first 3 years on ART

By  Dr. Amy Huber  Dr. Lise Jamieson  Musa Manganye  Lufuno Malala  Thato Chidarikire  Dr. Matthew Fox  Professor Sydney Rosen  Dr Sophie Pascoe  |  | 


Replacing routine clinic visits with differentiated service delivery (DSD) models for HIV treatment could benefit DSD clients and the health system, but its value depends on maintaining or improving patient outcomes. South Africa’s DSD models include facility pick-up points, external pick-up points and adherence clubs, which facilitate easier access of medication and can reduce full clinic visits to 2 per year, down from 6 per year. We conducted a prospective record review to compare retention and viral suppression of DSD clients to those eligible but not enrolled in DSD in South Africa.

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