How do nurses spend their time? A time and motion analysis in the context of differentiated service delivery at primary public healthcare facilities in South Africa

By  Nkgomeleng Lekodeba  Cheryl Hendrickson  Dr. Amy Huber  Vinolia Ntjikelane  Bevis Phiri  Idah Mokhele  Dr Sophie Pascoe  Dr. Brooke Nichols  Professor Sydney Rosen  |  | 


• Among other benefits, differentiated service delivery (DSD) models are expected to reduce the time that clinicians spend with established ART clients enrolled in DSD models and thus increase available provider time for non-DSD ART and non-ART clients.

• The actual use of provider time after DSD model implementation has not been reported.

• We measured healthcare provider time utilization in the context of DSD model implementation in South Africa.

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