How soon should patients be eligible for differentiated service delivery models for antiretroviral treatment?

By  Lise Jamieson  Professor Sydney Rosen  B. Phiri  A. Grimsrud  M. Mwansa  H. Shakwelele  P. Haimbe  M.M. Mwenechanya  P. Mulenga  I. Chiboma  |  | 

Attrition from HIV  treatment (ART) is highest during patients’ firsts  months after initiation. Although ≥6 months on ART is an eligibility criterion for most differentiated service delivery (DSD) model guidelines, some patients enroll earlier. We used routinely-collected data on DSD models in Zambia to evaluate loss to follow-up (LTFU) comparing patient enrolling in DSD models early vs those who did so later (>6 months).

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