Monitoring for Advanced Disease in the UTT Era: Trends in CD4 Count Testing Volumes Among Patients Presenting for HIV Care in South Africa

By  Dr Dorina Onoya  Dr Khumbo Shumba  Tembeka Sineke  Nelly Jinga  Dickman Gareta  Dr. William Macleod  Dr. Matthew Fox    Adrien Puren  Koleka Mlisana  |  | 


  • South Africa eliminated CD4 criteria for ART eligibility in 2016 under its Universal Test and Treat (UTT) policy
  • In September 2017, the general UTT policy was updated with a directive to initiate ART on the day of HIV diagnosis (same-day initiation—SDI)
  • However, CD4 count at entry into care remains an important marker of disease progression.
  • National guidelines specify patients should still have a CD4 count done at enrolment into HIV care

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