Patient losses from HIV care between 2016 and 2020 in six provinces of South Africa

By  Dr Dorina Onoya  Khumba Shumba  Nelly Jinga  Cornelius Nattey  Dr. William Macleod  Dr. Matthew Fox  Dr. Jacob Bor  |  | 


South Africa’s move to immediate ART for all persons diagnosed with HIV resulted in increased treatment uptake with hopes of reducing patient losses from care after ART initiation.


• We analysed data from 2015-2019 on all patients diagnosed with HIV at public-sector health facilities in six provinces in South Africa: Gauteng (GP), Mpumalanga (MP), KwaZulu Natal
(KZN), Limpopo (LP), North West (NW), Northern Cape (NC). Data were obtained from the clinical database.

• Patients were followed from HIV diagnosis for 12 months.

• We computed the share of patients lost to follow up (LTFU) at 12 months in HIV care, defined as not having visited the clinic between months six and 12 post-HIV diagnosis.

• We also assessed trends in patients’ retention time in the first 12 months on ART, stratifying by province.

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