Policy Brief 3: Rapid, Point of Care CD4 testing at mobile and fixed HIV testing sites: Does it increase linkage to HIV care?

By  Dr. Lawrence Long  Dr. Matthew Fox  Professor Ian Sanne  Professor Sydney Rosen  Bruce Larson, Kathryn Schnippel, Buyiswa Ndibongo  Alana Brennan, Thembi Xulu    |  | 


Effective care and treatment for HIV/AIDS requires the integration of all stages of disease management, which include: (1) HIV testing; (2) referral of those who test HIV-positive to a clinic for assessment; (3) assessment of the patient with CD4 test to determine eligibility for antiretroviral therapy (ART) or pre-ART care; (4) patient enrolment and retention in pre-ART care if not immediately eligible for ART; (5) patient initiation of ART as soon as eligible; and (6) maintenance of long-term ART adherence. Policy Brief 3–Point of care CD4 counts, Nov 2011

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