Predictors of switch to and early outcomes on third-line antiretroviral therapy at a large public-sector clinic in Johannesburg, South Africa

By  Denise Evans  Kamban Hirasen  Dr. Ribka Berhanu  Given Malete  Prudence Ive, David Spencer, Sharlaa Badal-Faesen  Professor Ian Sanne  Matthew Fox  |  | 

While efficacy data exist, there are limited data on the outcomes of patients on third-line antiretroviral therapy (ART) in sub-Saharan Africa in actual practice. Being able to identify predictors of switch to third-line ART will be essential for planning for future need. We identify predictors of switch to third-line ART among patients with significant viraemia on a protease inhibitor (PI)-based second-line ART regimen. Additionally, we describe characteristics of all patients on third-line at a large public sector HIV clinic and present their early outcomes.

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AIDS Research and Therapy