Prior exposure to antiretroviral therapy among adult patients presenting for HIV treatment initiation or re-initiation in sub- Saharan Africa: A systematic review

By Mariet Benade  Dr Mhairi Maskew  Allison Juntunen  Professor Sydney Rosen  |  | 

Background and objectives

  • Same-day/rapid ART initiation + high rates of disengagement from care have created a large and growing pool of individuals who present for initiation of treatment with prior ART experience (“non-naïve re-initiators”)
  • By definition, non-naïve re-initiators previously were unable to overcome barriers to care and may face those same barriers again, without tailored interventions
  • There are many estimates but few empirical data on the proportion of non-naïve re-initiators in various populations (A plenary speaker said, ““The vast majority of patients in South Africa are re-entering treatment.” Do we know if it’s really a majority? 60%? 80%)
  • We conducted a rapid review of published reports with data on proportions of adult patients initiating ART who were treatment non-naïve in sub-Saharan Africa.

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