Reasons for late presentation for antenatal care, healthcare providers’ perspective

By  Nelly Jinga  Constance Mongwenyana  Dr. Aneesa Moolla  Given Malete  Dr Dorina Onoya  |  | 

Background: Antenatal care (ANC) provides healthcare services to pregnant women in an attempt to ensure, the best possible pregnancy outcome for women and their babies. Healthcare providers’ understanding of their patient’s behaviour and reasons for engagement in care and their response to this insight can influence patient-provider interactions and patient demand for ANC early in pregnancy. We examined the insight of healthcare providers into women’s reasons for starting ANC later than the South African National Department of Health’s
recommended 20 weeks gestation. We also looked at the impact of late ANC presentation on overall healthcare providers’ work experiences and their response in their interactions with patients.
Methods: In-depth interviews were conducted with 10 healthcare providers at Maternal Obstetrics Units (MOU) and Primary Healthcare Centres (PHC) in Gauteng, South Africa. Healthcare providers were selected with the assistance of the facility managers. Data analysis was conducted using the qualitative analysis software NVivo 11, using a thematic approach of pinpointing, examining, and recording patterns within the data.

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