Satellite Session at SA AIDS: South Africa’s Investment Case: What are the country’s “best buys” for HIV and TB?

By  Dr Gesine Meyer-Rath  Leigh Johnson, Kathryn Schnippel, Teresa Guthrie, Sarah Magni, Yogan Pillay, Fareed Abdullah, Eva Kiwango  |  | 

HE2RO staff Dr Gesine Meyer-Rath and Calvin Chiu were instrumental in the analysis behind the South African HIV and TB Investment Case for which results have just been finalized. The Investment Case is an analytical exercise by the South African Department of Health, SANAC and UNAIDS to establish the most cost effective mix of interventions against both HIV and TB over the next twenty years. Results for Phase 1 of the Investment Case were discussed in a satellite session, during the 7th South African AIDS Conference on June 10 at 6 pm in Hall 6, of the Durban International Convention Center. Please find a link to a PDF of the presentation below.

Conference: 7th SA AIDS Conference,2015, KZN, Durban, 08-12 June 2015

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