Service delivery preferences during the first year on ART: Lessons from a discrete choice experiment in South Africa and Zambia

By Allison Morgan  Aniset Kamanga  Taurai Makwalu  Dr Sophie Pascoe  Caroline Govathson  Priscilla Lumano-Mulenga  Prudence Haimbe  Hilda Shakwelele  Dr. Nyasha Mutanda  Professor Sydney Rosen  |  | 


  • Disengagement from antiretroviral therapy (ART) is common during the first year of treatment, particularly prior to eligibility for lower-intensity differentiated
    service delivery models
  • Discrete choice experiments (DCEs) are a method for eliciting survey respondents’ relative preferences for specific attributes of service delivery.
  • For HIV treatment, a DCE can help determine which specific characteristics of a differentiated model of care matter most to ART clients.
  • We conducted a DCE to learn about care preferences in clients’ first six months after initiating or re-initiating ART to improve early treatment outcomes.

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