South African Health Review 2016 – Chapter 17

By Mark S Blecher  Dr Gesine Meyer-Rath  Yogan Pillay  Fareed Abdullah  Aparna Kolliparna  Jonatan Daven  Michael Borowitz  Nertila Tavanxi  |  | 

The South African Health Review (SAHR) has been published by Health Systems Trust (HST) since 1995. Since 2014, it has been internationally recognized as a peer-reviewed journal. According to HST, the Review is considered to be a critical resource for understanding, from a South African perspective, local and international public health issues. In the 2016 edition of the Review, HE2RO Senior Researcher and Boston University Assistant Professor Dr Gesine Meyer-Rath and HE2RO research associate Calvin Chiu co-authored a chapter on the fiscal space for HIV services, based in part on the findings of the recently completed South African HIV Investment Case. Together with Dr Mark Blecher and colleagues from the National Chapter, they argue that while the UNAIDS 90-90-90 targets will be hard to achieve given the current programme structure, they are a worthwhile investment, especially given the potential of universal testing and treatment to save costs through reducing onward transmission of HIV. However, only if technical efficiency measures such as ART adherence clubs and home-based treatment provision are further scaled up will the country see a reduction in the annual cost of the HIV programme in the next 15 to 20 years.

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