South African Health Review 2017 – Chapter 17

By  Naomi Lince-Deroche  Craig van Rensburg  Sithabiso Daphne Masuku  Sarah Rayne, Carol Ben, Pearl Holele  |  | 

The South African Health Review (SAHR) has been published by Health Systems Trust (HST) since 1995. Since 2014, it has been internationally recognized as a peer-reviewed journal. According to HST, the Review is considered to be a critical resource for understanding, from a South African perspective, local and international public health issues. In the 2016 edition of the Review, HE2RO Senior Researcher, Naomi Lince-Deroche, collaborated with South African academics and the National Department of Health to provide a comprehensive overview of the  the pathways available in South Africa for achieving universal access to breast cancer-related services under the new policy. The chapter also discusses barriers to the implementation of equitable access, and highlights health-delivery models that could help achieve South Africa’s goals.

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