Stigma and Nondisclosure Remain Important Barriers to Early HIV Treatment Retention During the Early Treatment Period in Zambia and South Africa

By Allison Morgan  Nancy Scott  Mariet Benade  Kari Radoff  Aniset Kamanga  Dr. Linda Sande  Priscilla Lumano-Mulenga  Prudence Haimbe  Professor Sydney Rosen  |  | 


  • Attrition from HIV treatment programs is highest during the first six months after antiretroviral therapy (ART) initiation
  • Stigma and fear of disclosure remain important reasons for disengagement.
  •  Stigma is a complex multi-layered issue, which affects clients in the community, healthcare facility, interpersonal, and individual levels
  • We explored clients’ experiences around stigma and disclosure during their
    first six months after ART initiation or re-initiation.

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