Syndromic management versus point-of-care, and lab based testing for Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea: A cost comparison

By  Naomi Lince-Deroche  Jackie Roseleur, Rahma Leuner  Sharon Kgowedi  Marcus R,  Dr Gesine Meyer-Rath  |  | 

In this analysis, syndromic management was the least costly option. It requires skilled personnel but minimal supplies, equipment, and medication.Despite higher costs per case tested, the WHO has recommended etiological testing in countries that can afford it as part of its 2016-2021 strategy for global STI control.3 The added cost of etiological testing is possibly less than that of syndromic management if one considers the costs of caring for the many short- and long-term sequelae of untreated STIs, including ectopic pregnancy, pelvic inflammatory disease, and infertility in women, and additional complications for newborns. However, establishing this would require additional analysis.

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