The cost of using mobile digital X-ray units to detect pulmonary tuberculosis in South Africa

By  Lezanie Coetzee  Amanda Fononda  Harry Hausler  Laurene Booyens  Dan Lolé  Anje Pretorius  Joel Steingo  Kamban Hirasen  Dr. Lise Jamieson  Mmamapudi Kubjane  |  | 


  • In South Africa,
    • poor knowledge and awareness of TB symptoms in communities lead to delayed healthcare-seeking and undiagnosed TB
    • 58% of prevalent TB is asymptomatic
  •  Study in South Africa showed that the addition of dCXR identified two times more patients with undiagnosed TB than did investigation of symptoms alone
  • Piloting of digital chest x-ray technology in 2020-2022

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