Brief #17: The Economics of HIV and of HIV Programmes in the Era of COVID-19

By Markus Haacker, Kate L Harris, Jeffrey W Eaton, Geoff Garnett  Kate L Harris  Dr Gesine Meyer-Rath  |  | 

The Covid-19 pandemic has profound negative implications for the economies of countries most affected by HIV, as well as for donor countries that support the global HIV response. It undermines underlying economic fundamentals and adds considerations for HIV policymaking. This paper explores three interrelated ways in which the Covid-19
pandemic and the response to Covid-19 affect people living with HIV and the HIV response: (1) the health impacts of
those living with or at risk of acquiring HIV; (2) healthcare capacity challenges; and (3) the consequences for domestic and global financing for HIV. These considerations affect three overlapping and increasingly large proportions of the population in low- and middle-income countries and constitute a framework that can be updated as more data on the size of the impacts become available (Figure 17.1).

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