Towards 90-90-90 How close is South Africa to reaching the UNAIDS HIV treatment targets?

By  Dr. Jacob Bor  Dr. Alana Brennan  Sergio Carmona  Nicole Fraser  Marelize Gorgens  Dr. William Macleod  Brendan Maughan-Brown  Cornelius Nattey  Katia Oleinik, Yogan Pillay , Gayle Sherman , Zara Shubber, Wendy Stevens  |  | 

UNAIDS has set a worldwide goal for the year 2020: for 90% of people with HIV to know their status, 90% of those diagnosed with HIV to be on ART, and 90% of those on ART to have viral suppression.

Researchers at National Health Laboratory Service (NHLS), HE2RO and Boston University (BU) have been working to set up systems to monitor and evaluate the evolving HIV response in South Africa.

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