Understanding the Financing of HIV/AIDS in the Public Sector of South Africa

By  Professor Gesine Meyer-Rath  Joshua Karume  Nhlanhla Ndlovu  |  | 


As stipulated in the South African Constitution and the National Development Plan, health is one of the priority areas to be addressed by government resources and effort. The national budget for health continues to show a strong public commitment to funding the HIV/AIDS response. Commendable developments in health policy, HIV programming, and resource allocation are particularly evident in the increasing allocations of public funds to HIV, accompanied by increased capacity to spend.

HIV funding is drawn from the national government, provincial governments’ own coffers, donor agencies, and the private sector, which includes local and international non-governmental organisations. The majority of domestic HIV funds are channelled from the national government to provinces via the Conditional Grant, which is ring-fenced funding allocated to the provinces for specific national priorities. The remainder of government HIV funding comes through the Equitable Share, which provides provincial departments with leeway to allocate resources based on their own priorities.

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