Using visual, interactive B-OK bead bottles to support HIV counselling among people living with HIV in KwaZulu Natal province, SA

By  Dr Neo Ndlovu  Caroline Mandimika  Letitia Rambally-Greener  Laura Schmucker  Dr. Candice Chetty-Makkan  Dr. Jacqui Miot  Harsha Thirumurthy  Dr Sophie Pascoe  Shawn Malone  Alison Buttenheim  |  | 

Affirming and clear messaging is needed to better communicate the benefits of “Undetectable equals untransmissible” (U=U) and other complex HIV-related concepts to HIV care recipients. However, finding clear and relatable ways to communicate these concepts has been difficult. Using a visual health communication tool, called B-OK Bead bottles, healthcare workers (HCWs) can explain complex HIV concepts in any language, to care recipients who have little to no literacy or familiarity with clinical terminology. We explored the acceptability and appropriateness of integrating these tools into HIV counselling.

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