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Impact of nutritional supplementation on immune response, body mass index and bioimpedance in HIV-positive patients starting antiretroviral therapy (NuStART)

Abstract Background: Challenges to HIV care in resource limited settings (RLS) include malnutrition. Limited evidence supports the benefit of nutritional supplementation when starting antiretroviral therapy (ART) in RLS. Methods: Randomized controlled pilot study. HIV-positive ART-naive adults with self-reported weight loss were randomized to receive ART plus nutritional supplement (NS) (388 kCal/day) or ART alone (controls) for 6 months. Patients returned for monthly assessments and 

Current CD4 Count, More than Baseline, Predicts Loss to Follow-up from HIV Care

Abstract Background: While much attention has focused on CD4 count predicting clinical outcomes of antiretroviral therapy (ART), less attention has been paid to its role in predicting loss from HIV care. Baseline CD4 count has been mildly associated with attrition, but we hypothesized time updated CD4 count would be a better predictor of dropping out of ART care. Methods: We used data from Themba Lethu, a large ART clinic in Johannesburg, South Africa (>25,000 patients ever initiated). We