Cheryl Hendrickson [Researcher - Epidemiology ]

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Cheryl Hendrickson

Cheryl Hendrickson, joined HE2RO in August 2014, as a Researcher. She holds an Masters in Public Health from Boston University, and  has over four years of experience in quantitative, qualitative, and mixed research methods, for global health programs. Before joining HE2RO , Cheryl worked with an international non-profit organization that focused on sexual and reproductive health, where she provided technical support to the research, monitoring and evaluation efforts for programs in East Africa, specifically Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Zambia. Her previous work has also included program management and data analysis for international health programs, and HIV vaccine research. Her professional and research interests include treatment outcomes in HIV-treatment programs, reproductive healthcare access in an HIV context and epidemiologic methods.


  • Analysis of National Lab Database to evaluate the HIV treatment rollout in South Africa

    By linking lab tests on detailed patient identifiers, a national, patient-level longitudinal cohort is being developed, which contains over 3 million ART initiators and over 23 million observations. This “NHLS Patient Cohort” will enable us to evaluate the national ART program using data that are nationally representative and robust to self-transfer across care settings. Through a partnership between Wits University in South Africa and Boston University in the U.S., this project will 
  • Attrition from HIV Care and Treatment Before and After an Increase in the CD4 Count Eligibility Threshold

    South Africa has recently announced that as of January 2015, it will be increasing its HIV treatment CD4 eligibility threshold from 350 cells/μl to 500 cells/μl1 making more patients eligible for treatment than ever before. However efforts to increase HIV treatment coverage may be minimized if losses to follow up, which have been shown to be high along the continuum of HIV care, offset gains from getting more people onto treatment. HE2RO will conduct a prospective cohort study of adult 
  • Contraceptive Service Delivery

    South Africa recently launched new guidelines for contraceptive provision and approved the contraceptive implant for use in the country. The new guidelines provide targets for shifting the contraceptive method mix and increasing contraceptive prevalence over time. Integrated primary health care requires that patients are able to access all primary health services, including contraceptive services, at one facility. Dedicated HIV facilities have not historically offered these services, but there 
  • Managing Breast Conditions, Including Breast Cancer

    Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women worldwide. It also affects men. However, breast cancer is just one of many breast conditions which may require diagnosis and treatment. Access to comprehensive breast care services is extremely limited in South Africa. Further, little information exists as to the prevalence and epidemiology of breast masses in HIV-infected women and men across the country. HE2RO is partnering with the Breast Care Clinic at Helen Joseph Hospital, Right To Care 
  • Adult Treatment Outcomes and Opportunistic Infections

    As the HIV epidemic matured in South Africa and the national treatment programme reached 10 years since inception, the team at HE2RO has used longitudinal patient databases to evaluate treatment outcomes among adults initiating ART. We consider diverse factors that may influence the effect of ART and also the impact of changing national guidelines in an on-going