Khumo Modiba [Research Associate - Health Economics]

T: +27100017930  

Khumo Modiba joined HE2RO in April of 2020 as an Associate Researcher. He is a multidisciplinary scholar with broad interests in health and development. Khumo is trained in applied economics and policy analysis and holds a BA (Honours) degree in Development Studies and a Master of Commerce in Development Theory and Policy; both attained at the University of the Witwatersrand. His Master’s thesis explored how the National Strategic Plan for HIV, TB and STIs cascades and translates at the subnational level and sought to determine the level of capacity available at the Local AIDS Council to implement the plan. He is currently involved in the Financial Capacity Building and Technical Support Project (FIN-CAP) which focuses on improving financial information systems used in budgeting and planning for HIV services and monitoring budgeting and expenditure tracking processes at the provincial level.


  • Building HIV Financial Planning and Budgeting Capacity at Provincial Level: The FIN-CAP Project

    While treatment guidelines and the overall funding envelope for antiretroviral treatment in South Africa are decided at the level of the national department of health, the implementation of programmes is the responsibility of each of the nine provinces. In the past, implementation was jeopardized by the lack of capacity for financial planning, expenditure tracking and performance monitoring at the level of provincial HIV and finance managers. The FIN-CAP project, implemented by staff from