Dr. Lise Jamieson [Senior Researcher - Epidemiology ]

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Dr. Lise Jamieson

Lise Jamieson is a Senior Researcher at HE2RO. She is a biostatistician and health economist and has worked in HIV and TB research since 2006, and she holds a BSc in Computer Science and Statistics, an MSc in Biostatistics and a PhD in Health Economics. She has several years experience working on observational and clinical trials from her previous work with CAPRISA, covering a wide array of research topics such as HIV prevention, acute HIV infection, HIV pathogeneses, chronic antiretroviral therapy and outcomes in TB treatment. She has a vast amount of experience in infectious disease modelling, including modelling the impact of different pre-exposure prophylaxis methods for the prevention of HIV, and is the lead analyst on the South African HIV Investment Case, and has conducted economic evaluations of HIV interventions. She is also a member of the South African COVID-19 Modelling Consortium. Her interest lies in informing and shaping government policy.





  • Analysis of National Lab Database to evaluate the HIV treatment rollout in South Africa

    By linking lab tests on detailed patient identifiers, a national, patient-level longitudinal cohort is being developed, which contains over 3 million ART initiators and over 23 million observations. This “NHLS Patient Cohort” will enable us to evaluate the national ART program using data that are nationally representative and robust to self-transfer across care settings. Through a partnership between Wits University in South Africa and Boston University in the U.S., this project will