Nozipho Musakwa [Research Associate - Epidemiology]

T: +27 (0) 10 001 2666  
Nozipho Musakwa

Nozipho Musakwa joined HE2RO in June 2016 as an Associate Researcher. She has previously worked for HE2RO from March 2015 an independent consultant.  She holds a BSc degree in Nutrition (UZ), a BSc (Honours) in Medicine, Nutrition and Dietetics from UCT and is currently completing her MPH in Maternal and Child Health at the University of the Witwatersrand. Prior to joining HE2RO, Nozipho has previously worked as a nutritionist/dietician in Zimbabwe and South Africa specialising in managing malnutrition, infant and young child feeding, nutrition education and critical care for patients in ICU. Currently she is working on studies looking at the “Impact of Nutritional Supplementation on Physical Development, Retention in Care and Adherence to ART in HIV-Positive Infants and Children”; Knowledge, risk perception and barriers to accessing care for HIV and Tuberculosis among adolescents and young adults aged 18 – 25 years in Johannesburg, South Africa; and Treatment outcomes among paediatric, adolescent and adults on treatment for drug-sensitive TB in the Eastern Cape and Gauteng Provinces, South Africa. She is an African Leadership in Nutrition alumni. Her research interests lie in the child development and social equity for vulnerable populations